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Terms of Use

What is allowed with Spellbound Quilt Co designs:

  • You can create finished goods for personal items and gifts.

  • You can create items for sale on sites such as Etsy in a small format.

  • You may edit, re-size and customize files, but the copyright of the file still remains with Spellbound Quilt Co. I do not guarantee the quality of the design if it has been adjusted or re-sized.

  • You may decorate, personalize and "add to" blank designs


What is NOT allowed with Spellbound Quilt Co designs:

  • You cannot use design files in mass production. Use over 500 is considered mass production.

  • You cannot transfer, share or sell Spellbound Quilt Co files. This includes files you have changed or adjusted.

  • You cannot create a new digital file and claim that as your own.

  • You are not to share your login information to retrieve or share design files.

  • You cannot use sample images from my site without permission.

  • You cannot share your files under any circumstances. Even free files.


All copyright of files and art is held by Spellbound Quilt Co. These files are intended for small at home based businesses and hobbyists. If you would like to inquire about a commercial license please email me. I do not provide technical support for your machine. You must know how to use embroidery files. This includes unzipping your files and moving them to your machine. Facebook groups, google and YouTube are excellent resources.

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